Facility Features

Flying Frog Car Wash is SELF-SERVE and open 24/7/365. It is meticulously maintained and designed to care for your car gently and effectively.

Pre-Paid Cards

Enjoy significant savings, no matter how often you need to come in.

Self-Serve Bays

Our self-serve bays include state-of-the-art machines to get the job done right.
Some locations feature a radiant heating system that eliminates ice and snow buildup in the bays during the winter.

Key features include:

- Tire Cleaner
- Wheel Cleaner
- Bug Off
- Pre Soak
- High-Pressure Soap
- Foam Brush
- High-Pressure Rinse
- Triple Foam Conditioner
- High-Pressure Wax
- Spot Free Rinse
- Turbo Dry

Free Vacuums

You spend more time in your car then you realize, so make it enjoyable! Our free vacuums detail your interior so it stays clean and refreshed.